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the new Boston Marathon Finish Line

Coupons ads seen by mobile owners are in popular demand. People want those coupons!!! Everybody uses coupons. Almost half of mobile consumers use their phones for actions relating to coupons and product information according to reports in MediaPost publications.

Amazon inventory saw prices increase in the month of December 2014. For example, a turntable once listed for $249 was selling for $279. And an audio accessory previously listed there at $59 was selling for $67.00 You can expect to see upward movement in prices for certain food sold in local stores due to the Californian draught as well. The prices of pizza deals at local Boston pizza shops has been escalting for years and they too will probably go up again in 2015.

We observed Oil prices in December 2014 trending lower than the previous year and gasoline was selling for less too.

More small businesses and home computer users got computer viruses again. And many even had their Facebook pages hacked.

Smartphones are driving the online shopping experience. We came out on talking about ROPO - or research online, purchaswe online almost a year ago. Today, people are using their smartphones to start the purchase process.

In early 2014, we were invited by Terrible Labs to the Quantified Self #QSUMMIT convened by a largely tech crowd. District Hall in the Innovation District hosted about 200 serious looking players involved in wearables - just in time for the Boston Marathon to hit. Some in attendance were Samsung, Partners MGH,,RunKeeper, the Turner Broadcasting Network, BOLT.IO and others. The experts represented end users, product managers, venture capitalists and marketers. Jamaican and Kenya runners were the talk of the set - they, in addition to astronauts, are the most [ quantified people ] on the planet. Doctor's with Ph Ds measure, analyze, time, weigh, and build models of data from how their bodies perform. We're talking about the Ultimate OPTIMUM fitness thing going on here and to the rest of us mere mortals who struggle to work and get around to weight watchers every now and then - keep trying! That is what the Quantified Self is all about.

Some takeaways from the summit - wearables technologies are where cell phones were in the 1980's ( in the bag ). Nobody in the wearables industry has more than 50 million customers so its a wide open area. Partners Mass General uses a $50,000 fund to reward employees who come up with innovative inventions - they both share in rights to the product, patent and profits. The Turner Broadcasting Network - as does Samsung Ventures wants to capture data off your living room coach tv watch everyday so they can more effectively target you for advertising. Data is where all this is going, etc..

Dudley Center at sunsetThere are significant and historical real estate changes going on in Dudley Center right now.

Before Dudley Commons became a GUBA or gentrified urban business area, it was an important commercial hub and major contributor to Greater Boston's economic footprint, and we're excited as you are about its rebirth. Have you seen us write that we are building an inverted digital replica of this gentrified business area? Its happening ....